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The Jazz Loft Presents "Music in Conversation" featuring trombonist, arranger and composer Chris Rinaman 

Enjoy the latest installment of our Music in Conversation Series as Jazz Loft founder Tom Manuel talks with trombonist, composer and arranger Chris Rinaman. Tom and Chris got to pull up a chair recently at the Jazz Loft and talk about inspirations and early teachers growing up, Jazz pioneer Jack Teagarden, and their new collaborative project celebrating the music of Oliver Nelson and his 1968 album "The Kennedy Dream".


New Orchestral Tracks Released! 

Several of my orchestral compositions have been released this month by Velvet Green Music and are available for licensing.  These were fun projects to work on-- check out the links below!

I recorded a short promo video to introduce this album release of Americana tracks featuring the sound of the modern Gunslinger Westerns.  I have two tracks on this release-- Check out all the tracks on YouTube here:  


And also on my page at Velvet Green Music:


This track on Inside The Console was fun to work on-- lots of retro 80s synth fun in this one!


Here's the full album on YouTube:


Velvet Green Music Released 

I've been composing some orchestral music for the publisher Velvet Green Music.  My first track is released on the collection called "Orchestral Drama Vol. 11 - Fairies and Elves"-- a track called "Time is Given".

Check out the full release on the YouTube link here:

Or at my composer page at Velvet Green Music:

I've been working on quite a few compositions for this library, so look for more releases this year!

A Clean Release Film Score 

I recently completed the score for a short film, directed by Seth Copans.  It should be out and hitting the film festivals soon-- Seth is a great director, and has made a really funny short film.  I really enjoyed writing the music for this project.  Here's the music from the final scene-- It kicks in about 15 sec in!