Carol Sudhalter and Friends Streaming Online - Live from Flushing Town Hall - Wednesday October 6th, 7pm. 

I'm honored to be playing a concert with Carol Sudhalter and an amazing band on Wednesday October 6th, 7pm, at Flushing Town Hall.  This concert will be streamed live on YouTube at this link:

If you can't make it out in person-- tune in online!



Bandleader saxophonist/flutist Carol Sudhalter, long-time leader of Flushing Town Hall's monthly Louis Armstrong Legacy Jazz Jam, will present a concert of her seven-piece ensemble, The Friends of Carol Sudhalter, on Wednesday, October 6 live and in-person in the theater at Flushing Town Hall. 

In the concert, Carol’s band will offer a nod to some of the Queens jazz legends such as Jimmy Heath, Count Basie or Louis Armstrong, by playing tunes written by or associated with them. They will play a mix of compositions written by women and men. 

A special feature will be a guest appearance by the very young and gifted Queens-based violinist/vocalist/composer, Mimi Block. 

Carol Sudhalter - flute, tenor/bari sax 
Chris Rinaman - trombone 
Amanda Monaco - guitar 
Patrick Poladian - piano 
Kevin Hailey - bass 
Paul Shaw - drums 
Frank Senior - vocalist 
Mimi Block - special guest violinist/composer 

This program is made possible by the New York City Artist Corps.


Play It Momma for 4 Trombones 

This is a great Mary Lou Williams tune I arranged for 4 trombones.  This was done for the virtual jazz jam at Flushing Town Hall hosted by Carol Sudhalter.  

It's a really funky, fun tune, but there isn't a traditional melody-- it's more of a groove tune that Mary Lou Williams used to improvise over, so I arranged some of her piano voicings for the main trombone melody.

The Jazz Loft Presents "Music in Conversation" featuring trombonist, arranger and composer Chris Rinaman 

Enjoy the latest installment of our Music in Conversation Series as Jazz Loft founder Tom Manuel talks with trombonist, composer and arranger Chris Rinaman. Tom and Chris got to pull up a chair recently at the Jazz Loft and talk about inspirations and early teachers growing up, Jazz pioneer Jack Teagarden, and their new collaborative project celebrating the music of Oliver Nelson and his 1968 album "The Kennedy Dream".


How Trombones Are Made 

Here's a really interesting feature on how trombones are made at the Rath factory in England.  I've visited a couple of trombone factories--  Shires and Kanstul were both really amazing places to see the work that goes into making a brass instrument!


Virtual Jazz Jam 

I recorded a great Quincy Jones ballad on euphonium for the Flushing Town Hall Virtual Jazz Jam.  I first heard this song on an album of Ake Persson, a really beautiful Swedish trombonist, and fell in love with the tune.  The whole evening is online here:

There are some great performances, so check it out!

But here is my recording:


New Orchestral Tracks Released! 

Several of my orchestral compositions have been released this month by Velvet Green Music and are available for licensing.  These were fun projects to work on-- check out the links below!

I recorded a short promo video to introduce this album release of Americana tracks featuring the sound of the modern Gunslinger Westerns.  I have two tracks on this release-- Check out all the tracks on YouTube here:  


And also on my page at Velvet Green Music:


This track on Inside The Console was fun to work on-- lots of retro 80s synth fun in this one!


Here's the full album on YouTube: