Performance at the Games in Music Concert at Chan Centre in British Columbia

I'm excited to have a work of mine featured on this great concert of movie and video game music.  It's a treat to be on the same program as several of my composer heroes and former employers!  I did an arrangement of Korobeiniki--the Russian folksong that was used as the Tetris game theme.  Often you don't hear about these performances, but the nice thing about social media is that often tags can find you!  Here's the program plan and notes for the November 4th concert.

This arrangement is available for purchase here:


Guest conductor Lucas Waldin leads the UBC Symphony Orchestra and UBC A Cappella for a night celebrating new and classic video game soundtracks. Experience the epic sounds of Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek: Into the Darkness, and relive the frenzy of the tetris theme song. VR immersive artist Juliana Loh will paint the scores of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings live. This concert also premieres the orchestral scores of both Celeste and Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between. 


Various (Ralph Ford)
Suite from Video Games Live
Halo Theme / Coronation & Baba Yetu (Civilization IV) / Bounty Hunter (Advent Rising) /Kingdom Hearts

Lena Raine (arr. Gabriella Yorke)
Music from Celeste

Maxime Goulet
Level Up!
Risa Tonita, keyboard soloist

Howard Shore (arr. John Whitney)
Symphonic Suite from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Juliana Loh, VR immersive artist

Traditional (arr. Chris Rinaman)
Korobeiniki Fantasy (Theme from Tetris)


Michael Giacchino
Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Devin Vibert (arr. Antony Knight)
Music from Glitchhikers: The Spaces in Between

Brower/Duke/Hayes (arr. Jerry Brubaker)
Music from World of Warcraft

Maxime Goulet
Beachball Games for Orchestra

Toby Fox (Steven Stanke)
Music from Undertale

John Williams (arr. Stephen Bulla)
Star Wars Through the Years
Juliana Loh, VR immersive artist

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